Field Trip: Bugs and Butterflies and more!

Butterfly Pavilion

A few weeks ago we went on a Field Trip to the Butterfly Pavilion with my sister and nephew.  It was so much fun and the kids loved every minute.  They got to hold Rosie, the famous tarantula, plus they were able to observe many more bugs and spiders.

Bee Hive in Action

huge beetle

I think everybody’s favorite part is the actual Butterfly Pavilion which is a huge tropical forest filled room with butterflies flying EVERYWHERE. It was really cool.

butterfly pavilion

I do have to admit that I was so scared that a butterfly or other flying insect would land on me, I was petrified.  I could finally relax once I put my hoodie up, even though people looked at me like I was crazy.  After all, it is extremely hot and humid, but I got to enjoy myself so it was worth it.


After the exhibits we hit up the interactive area which has many stations of fun and learning.

butterfly pavilion

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