A Rainbow Layer Cake

Oliver's Rainbow Cake

My middle boy, my sweet, sweet Oliver had his 5th birthday party.  When planning his party I came across a blog post on How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake she was inspired by this post and this post both on Rainbow Cakes.

I was so happy because Oliver loves rainbows!  I also wanted to make the cake for him.  It isn’t perfect but I like it overall and it was made with love and a lot of frosting :O)

I followed her directions and bought 2 cake mixes and 4 containers of frosting, I used Pillsbury.  I did not buy food coloring because I had some at home.  I found out later that I did not have the primary colors, I had bought neon.  I rolled with it.

pillsbury cake mix

I bought –

  • Red Hots
  • Skittles
  • 4 pack of tube frosting, fine tip
  • #5 candle and cupcake candles
  • Pack of Sugar decorations, Happy Birthday and Alphabet

I baked the two cakes mixes according to the directions (egg whites only version).  Separated the mix into 4 bowls.  I then dyed each bowl.  I used a brand new Wilton 9″ round cake pan ($4 at Kings Soopers).  I oiled and floured the pan, then cooked each cake mix for about 14 minutes at 350.  I then cooled each cake in the pan for about 5 minutes, then onto a cooling rack for about 20 minutes.

Layer the cake putting a thin layer of frosting between each.  Then apply a crumb coat of frosting and refrigerate for at least an hour.  Add final layer of frosting and decorate.

rainbow cake

frosting the layers



rainbow layer cake


the boys enjoying cake

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Kelly says:

very impressive!

5ennie says:

Happy Belated Birthday to your son 🙂
Here from HHH.

Jennifer Wedemeyer says:

Hi, I found you on the Hip Homeschool Hop and was hoping to become a follower but couldn’t find a follower button! Hop over and say HI if you get a chance
Just Wedeminute

I love how yours turned out and how happy your son looks! Thanks so much for sharing this with me! Thanks for following along!


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