Mocha Tartlets, Mmmm

I love chocolate! I always tell my kids, if they want candy, chocolate is a better choice then any of the “sugary” candies out there.

I love coffee, espresso in mochas to be exact.

I love cooking with Pillsbury refrigerated dough products, they are verastile and easy to use.

So here we are!  A concoction of 3 things I love.  Enjoy!

tart shells

chocolate filling

tarts pan



Mocha Tartlets

1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

1 cup milk chocolate chips

1/4 cup butter

2 tsp Fine Ground Espresso (I used Illy)

MELT (30 seconds in microwave, stir, heat 20 more seconds)

Roll out Pillsbury dough of choice (I used crescent rolls)

Cut out circles with cookie cutter

Bake 8 mins on 350 degrees (monitor their progress)

Remove, use tool (I used the end of a wooden spoon) to form shell

Use pastry bag or cake decorator to squeeze chocolate mix into shells

Top off with chopped nuts or sliced almonds



Download PDF: Mocha Tartlets Recipe (Right-click save as to download or click to view in browser)

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