Brotherly Love

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My 7  year old attends a weekly club for boys.  He loves it and his Daddy is a helper so it provides a fantastic time for them to bond.

Last week each boy was given $2 and challenged to use the money for someone else.  To do an unselfish thing with it.  When he came we discussed some possibilities that he might choose from.  He thought about it and said he thought of another thing.

He said that he wanted to buy his little brother a piece of his favorite pie from the Pie Shop across the street from our house.  My first thought was that wasn’t the exact idea here, but I stopped myself.  He loves his brother but he is not one to put his brother first, ever.  So I thought this really was a kind, unselfish act.

ordering pie


How cool that I got to see it play out!  I took them to the pie shop and let them order, pay and eat alone while I waited in the car.  I noticed the oldest cleared the table for the workers too – BONUS!

Eating Grasshopper Pie

Oliver and his pie

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