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Felt Storyboard

I have such fond memories of watching my teacher use a felt board to tell a story.  LOVED it so much.  Gathering around her and finding a comfy spot to watch the story unfold.

Always wanted to get some to play with as a kid but never did, seemed like a teacher “exclusive” item.

I looked at my local Education store and they are so expensive I could not justify the cost.

However, now that I started to homeschool I went to my favorite consignment sale to find educational materials.  Imagine how excited I was to find a Storyboard Felt set.

Nothing fancy, in fact it looks like it could be from when I was little, but it is in excellent shape.  I bet they came from a former teacher.  I practically let out a squeel like a 13 year old who sees Justin Bieber.

This has to be one of my best finds ever!

I let the 4 and 2 year old play with them and they loved it.  The two year went through all the animals and tried to make their “sounds”.  It was fun, now I need to come up with a story!

Felt Storyboard

Felt Storyboard

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