A Great Ladies Night Out!

painting class
Recently, thanks to Living Social I had a fantastic afternoon out with my Mom and Sister.  I must say that since Groupon started it all, we have been able to do things we would never do.

This deal was for a painting class that includes a glass of wine, so it is called Painting and Sipping.  Sounded fun.  I have always wanted to paint on canvas but would never, ever go buy all the supplies.  We have plenty of poster paint, finger paint and water colors but nothing fancy.

painting class

This was a great opportunity to get my hands dirty so to speak.

I sent the link to my Mom and she was in, she also  bought one for my sister to join us.  You can go to their website and look at a calendar and see the subject that is to be taught that day.  Some are flowers, Van Gogh, Water Sunsets, French Rivera, Snowflakes, Dandelions, Sisters, and some others.

We went to a session they call “Standing Tall”… Here is the artists picture:


Sipping and Painting

The studio is located in LoHi (Lower Highlands) close to the restaurant Lola.  We walked into a great space with rustic wood floors, high ceilings and artists stations set up everywhere.

Once everyone has put paint on a plate and had a seat, the artist goes up and starts instruction.  She then walks around and helps you individually and returns to the front for the next step.
blank canvas

my paint

We all enjoyed it very much.  It was really fun and relaxing.

Here are the final products (one note I must mention, our paint dried before we could blend so the reult with a bright flash looks like a striped background.  To the naked eye the stripes are not that dramatic,*steps off of soapbox*):

my canvas painting

my painting

moms painting

My Moms Painting

sisters painting

My Sister's Painting

The do look lovely in our homes, what a great treasure packed with memories of a fun date with my Mom and Sis … Thanks Ladies!!

I highly recommend trying a painting class, just one session is fun!  If you love it sign up for more.

We went to Sipping and Painting in Denver.

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