Easy Tie Dye Shirts

I have always loved tie-dyed shirts, loved them.  Bright bursts of color splashed on a sparkling white tee.  Pretty!  I have wanted to make one for ever but just felt like it would be hard.  Until recently.

I came across a spray bottled tie dye kit, it looked easy enough so I had to try it.

tumble dye

Tumble Dye

We bought 3 white tee’s for only $3 a piece!  The kit was 7.99.

We twisted and rubber-banded the shirts then sprayed the tie dye all over, set to dry…

Tumble Dye


we let dry 24 hours…

Tumble Dye


When we took the bands off there was still alot of white so we re-banded it and sprayed some more tie dye on, dried some more… then to the dryer for 15 minutes…

Tumble Dye Shirts

the boys

When they got outside in their new tie dye shirts it was all fun n games! The boys would NOT cooperate for pictures, but I can’t really blame them – 60 degrees in January!  Hope you can see the shirts…



Some more…



Overall cost – $20, not bad for 3 Super-Cool shirts!

the boys

playing in their new tie dye shirts

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Tie Dye is being taught in public schools more and more. Its a great learning experience for the kids. Best of all its fairly cheap and if you use old shirts Eco friendly.

Mrs. O says:

Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by.

Nice article. Never used spray bottles, but your results look good.

Cool! So fun…and of course, with snow on the ground here I am envying the ability to wear a t-shirt outside!


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