A Challenge I am Ready for

Ever since I started Homeschooling or researching it, for that matter, I have found really good blogs written by other Moms. Recently, I noticed a few of them began talking about a challenge they were about to begin on.

*Flash Forward* Just the other night I was telling my friends that I am starving for the Word, I have not been in it like I want to be.  I started working a new schedule in the Fall so I had to stop attending my regular Bible Study.  I have been in a study a year ever since He called me 4 years ago, this year has been different.

Finding this challenge, I feel is Gods answer to my pray that I find a way to get back into His Word.  The challenge I speak of is called Read the Bible in 90 Days.  I first heard of it from The Kelley Eight blog and she links back to the originator at Moms Toolbox.

This isn’t just a speed reading idea, not at all.  The way the schedule is set up, it is in nice sized chunks.  Then after reading it you do the devotional part.

They also hold Twitter parties and a check in on Mondays to help keep everyone motivated and accountable.  Thank you ladies!!!

I am really looking forward to this and I am thrilled that Lord has answered prayer so quickly.

Now my prayer is to STAY in the Word.   Would you join me?


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Mrs. O says:

Hi Samantha – Yes, I saw it on your blog and then after talking with my friends, the Lord moved me to do it. Thank you! I am not in a mentor group but I plan on checking in every Monday and attending the Twitter parties.

I am excited! :O)

You heard it from me? Wow! Have you started yet? Are you in a mentor group? Congratulations on your decision! I love this challenge SO MUCH! I have never felt more strong as a Christian, than with B90Days, and I am so glad to be back in!! Let me know if you need anything!!


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