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Today was the big day! A few days ago I blogged about my 1st Apple Pie, I wanted to enter a pie contest this weekend. I had planned on making a pie between then and now but my husband went out of town and I became really sick. I didn’t think I would end up in the contest after all. I woke Saturday morning and went right back to sleep, like 3 times! I had already missed my Saturday morning class and I relished the thought of staying in and doing nothing.

Then I walked into the kitchen, there sit all my pretty Granny Smith Apples… darn. Then I open the fridge and see my pie crusts waiting to be rolled out, hmmm. I had to at least give it a try. It was 9:30 by then, entries could be received no later than noon. I started but with the 3 little boys and all the prep work, I put the pie in the oven at 10:50.



apples in crust

apple in the crust

lattice work

lattice work

lattice work

lattice after trimming



I pretty much gave up then because I would only have 10 minutes to drive there and get the pie entered. Then I decided to keep trucking. I got all the kids ready, the car ready, the entry form, everything. I loaded the kids in the car and then came back in to get the pie and head out. SHOULD have taken the pie out before I loaded the kids, I should have not left it unattended at such a critical stage! Overcooked, some burnt crust! No!

apple pie

Ugh! I cooked it about 6 minutes too long!

At this point I was like, “just keep swimming, swimming” (think Dori from Nemo). I was determined to keep going, keep trying. I headed up a traffic filled, over-congested major throughfare. I even muttered “It is in the Lord’s hands now”, to which my 7-year old asked what I meant. Traffic is killing me but I have resigned myself. OK we are at the light to turn left into the parking area… 2 minutes. NO PARKING, anywhere, I ask an attendant what I can do since I literally have 1 minute left. He told me to find a cadet and the cadet would run it in. AWESOME. Ok, I am not out of this yet.

I flag down a cadet and give him the run down, he is on a mission!

Now, since the winners will not be announced for another hour or two, I head home. I planned on meeting my mother and sister there later so we headed home to get water and use the facilities.

Cider Days Ticket

Cider Days Tickets

Oliver with his Soda Shop Hat

Oliver with his Soda Shop Hat

Back at the event, while waiting for my mother to show up, we missed the announcement of the winners. Turns out my mom already went in and she said she thinks I might have won. I was thinking, no way – it’s kind of burned… So here is the video, you have to watch and listen to what one lady tells a couple of other ladies, it is hilarious! I turned the camera on when I first walked in the room, the room had pretty much cleared out at this point.

Click here, if video isn’t showing.

So there you have it! It won on taste! I’ll take it, that is very cool! Even though it doesn’t look pretty, it’s tasted delicious! When they asked which one was mine I proudly said “the ugly one”. I took 2nd Place!! Yay! This has been quite an experience, so fun, even though I was sick I am glad I preserved, what a great feeling.

2nd Place Lakewood Cider Days

2nd Place!!!

2nd Place Apple Pie

Just proving that looks aren't everything! :O)

I am still bummed that I burned the crust but I know it will never happen again! I didn’t expect to win or even get an honorable mention, so I am thrilled.

Just wish it was yummy AND pretty.

Stayed tuned for Pie #3!

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Michelle says:

Way to perservere! You have made 2 more apple pies than I have ever made, so you should definitely win lots of awards.

samantha says:

Awesome! What a good lesson for your kids to see!

Dana U. says:

WOW!!! Awesome honey! Good for you to persevere! God bless!

Theresa says:

WTG!! so proud of you can’t wait for my pie for my B-Day


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