A Fall Family Tradition

Pueblo Mosca chile

Bushel of Pueblo Mosca HOT

In my family, the Fall means more than beautiful trees, colors, apples, pumpkins and cider. It also means it is time for green chiles to come up from Southern Colorado and New Mexico.

My mom used to get to actually go pick em with her parents but we just venture down the street to a temporary produce stand.  The smell… AMAZING!  Have you ever had fresh roasted chiles in your car?  It is quite heavenly!

This year we chose a mix of Pueblo Mosca Hot and a Hatch Medium, we had them fired and bagged together, it makes for a nice mix.

The boys really enjoyed watching the process, we got to pick our chiles out and then the lady put them in the roaster and fired them up.  Then we watched her pour them into a bag, then into our car.  When we got home we bagged them, about 5-6 per bag, then froze them.

chile stand

nice variety!

chile stand


chiles freshly roasted

freshly roasted

Oliver watching the roasting

Oliver watching the roasting

I happened to be making french bread pizza that night so I took a couple of chiles, chopped them up, added garlic salt, then spread on the bread after the sauce and before the cheese……. yum!

There are so many things you can put green chiles on, the possibilities are almost endless.   I will be sure to post some recipes once I start pulling them out of the freezer.

Some more shots of the produce stand – the boys got to pick out a mini-pumpkin to decorate.

chile stand

Chile Stand in SW Denver

Oliver found his pumpkin

Oliver found his pumpkin

Boys with the pumpkins

Boys with the pumpkins

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Theresa says:

That sounds great! I love peppers and Mexican food!


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