The Best Boy Toy Ever!

On a recent field trip to, we visited a new children’s garden play and discovery area. It has fantastic stations all around to encourage interactive play and learning. 2 stations caught my eye and more importantly, caught the boys eyes and kept ’em too!

Wood Blocks
Wood blocks, real wood blocks only they aren’t the kind we are all used to. These are more rustic and authentic and fun for boys. One set had big tree rings cut into chunks, the other set was Aspen tree trunks chopped into different thicknesses to stack. This gave me some great ideas for gifts and toys for my boys. The possibilities are endless.
Real Wood Blocks Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

It was like really being out in the woods.

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Mrs. O says:

Me too! I was thinking that maybe a hole could be drilled in several and then place nuts in some and bolts in others to attach two pieces together. I think my kids would love to sand and paint some too. Hope to think of even more.

Great idea! I love how rustic and basic they are!


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