My First Apple Pie

Apples with cinnamon in the crust

Apples with cinnamon in the crust

My first Apple Pie and the 2nd pie I have made in my entire life. Last year I made a crust at my former Mom’s group , I made the Libbys pumpkin pie recipe with it.

Did I mention this was a trial run for a Pie Baking Contest I decided to participate in? Recently we went to a local city cultural and history center, it was really cool, I plan to blog about it soon.  While we were there I picked up some brochures and one was advertising ‘Cider Days’.

Here is what the city website says:

Celebrate the autumn season at the 35th Annual Cider Days harvest festival! Cider Days includes booths serving cider by the glass or gallon. Festival-goers can also bring apples (or buy them at the event) and use our presses to make fresh apple cider to take home.

There is the bake-off, demonstrations, hayrides, petting zoo, arts and crafts, bands and more.

Who could resist? The event sounded so fun, so Fall!  A Bake-off… what a fun experience! I am game. I set off to research crusts, pies, apples, everything!  Not that I expect to win or even come close but I want to do for the fun of it all.  Experience some Americana, if you will.

I originally was going to use 1 recipe but wanted to do my own thing too.  In the end I took ideas from several recipes and took what I like, left out what I didn’t.  I came up with some ideas, made a game plan and tonight it was time to get to work.

I posted pictures below, against my husbands better judgement *laughing*. I told him I wanted to keep it real and hopefully it would get better as I blog about making another practice one and then one for the Bake-off, at least that is my plan right now.

So here it is…

Getting started on Apple Pie

Getting started on the crust, then the apples

Granny Smith Apple Slices

Granny Smith Apple slices before I sprinkled them with cinnamon

OK, so far so good!  At this point I have a sugary mixture simmering away on the stove-top, looking good still….
Timing is everything and as an amateur I simply didn’t have my lattice work done in in time for my stove-top concoction to be ready.  I had my husband keep stirring it while I rolled out more dough and cut the strips.  I was in such a hurry when I pulled them up quickly most of them broke, I threw them on anyway.  At this point all I keep saying is, “Well at least it will taste good!” and giggling nervously.

I put it in the oven without taking a picture, this is what came out:

My First Apple Pie

Critique: few spots are burnt, mixture didn't spread, it had already hardened by the time I put it on the pie, no lattice is apparent _lol!

Then I cut a piece out, it didn’t look so great on the plate, but let me tell you it was so very tasty.

First Apple Pie

Fell apart, but was very good! Very, very good!

my first apple pie

Side view after cutting ...Ooey gooey, crispy, carmel-ey

Stayed tuned for parts 2 and 3!  Happy baking!  Happy Fall!

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