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We are always trying to find websites that have learning content rather the sites with games only. This has become even more important because lately our boys have developed an addiction to Super Mario Brothers, the old school version online. They explored all the learning websites and grew tired of them, so my husband had an idea.

How about creating a web page, with them for other kids to use. They started working on it a few days ago and have come up with 4 different interactive areas. Since we homeschool it has been an awesome opportunity to have our oldest participate in planning it and then putting that plan into action, our 4 year old also helped. Now the boys get to see their work on a real live web page and they love it!

Preston learning how to setup a page and insert pictures and text. He also learned how to add sound and effects and like most people he didn’t like hearing his own voice at first but still thought it was pretty cool. What a great learning experience! Hope you enjoy.

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