Charlotte’s Web Lapbook

This year we are using Sonlight Core 1 for my first grader, I absolutely love the emphasis on literature and reading. We are currently reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, what a pleasure it is! Preston is really enjoying the story as am I. I wanted to try and come up with a Charlotte’s Web lesson, I also wanted to try lapbooking so I created this and thought it would be the perfect lapbook to make first. It’s designed to be interactive and a helpful learning tool, not just the book and characters but includes other animal facts and stuff like that too.

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

The Cover, Preston wrote the title across the top sheet and his version of the cover on the bottom left (took picture before)

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

Bottom right: Questions from each chapter, library sleeves

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

from the right hand side, cards from each category, match each card correctly, I cut these down after I took the picture, they were too long

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

Inside Center, What do Spiders eat, Spider Diagrams, What do Pigs eat?

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

more from inside center

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

top right – Animal Parents and Babies

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

Match the Animal picture with their name

Charlotte's Web Lapbook

Since Charlotte’s Web has the chapters in Roman numerals, Sonlight uses it to teach the numerals, here is a flip book I made up to ten (X)

Charlotte’s Web Lapbook Download

I thought this was pretty good for my first time although I did need to make some adjustments. There are many other children’s printables, lessons and activities I made if you would like to use them visit my Children’s Printables Page. Make sure and come back and let me know how it goes, share your blog. Please leave a comment, your suggestions and input can be very helpful. Feel free to use the material in a different setup I would love to see the results. Have fun and enjoy!

It turns out that Lapbooking is really a lot of fun. I have some other projects we have worked on with other homeschool friends, I just need to get them posted!


some coloring pages courtesy free coloring info.
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Mrs. O says:

Great! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy!

Mrs. O says:

I don’t have instructions but just print everything out and then you will be able to see what goes together. Also, refer to the pictures in the post. Hope that helps!

Kelley says:

Been looking for something fun as we just started to read Charlotte’s Web. I’ve never made a lapbook before. Do you already have instructions for this, or do you know where I could find directions to do this?

Amy says:

What a cute lapbook! Good job 🙂

Theresa says:

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love these little organized! This is our first year homeschooling and I am still working out the bugs…but this is helpful!

jeanne mcdonald says:

God Bless


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