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lifewiththefamilyoBefore I became a mother and I suppose even for a couple of years after I became a mother I was extremely adverse to traditions, I just didn’t care for the conventional way of doing things.  However, after having more children and building our family I am warming up to the thought of traditions.

Traditions can bring a family together, they can cement a firm foundation.  Traditions are something to pass on to future generations.  Unlike material items that are sometimes passed down from one generation to the next, traditions can’t be lost, stolen, broken or the like.  I like this idea of creating a  loving heritage built on family community and communication.

I was inspired by a book I picked up at the Seminary library.  It is called “Happiness is Family Time Together” written by Lois Bock and Miji Working, it was published in 1975 by Fleming H. Revell Company.

The authors have laid out plans for an evening with the family.  I would like to share some of the ideas for family time.  We will be using these ideas in our house and then I will blog about the experience.  I would love for others to try them and then blog about it.

My hope and prayer is that more and more mothers will try it and share their experience; this can be a catalyst to deeper, more meaningful relationships within our families. Families are under attack in todays world, America specifically.   Parents need to be equipped to counter the attacks with communication, love and fun.

Will you join me in this exciting endeavor?

This weeks assignment:

Special Because of Who We Are

The book states that each every person should know something of his background and of their family.   They should know the history of their parents, how they met and why they chose to have a family.  This can help to establish a family unit, a team mentality.

For the first family night we are going to focus on who mom and dad are:

  • where we were born
  • what our family was like
  • what did we like most about our families
  • how we met
  • what we liked about eachother
  • first date
  • goals for marriage and family
  • how we came to known the Lord
  • ethnicity

Each member will have their own family night journal/scrapbook that they can record Family Night events.  This night we will be journaling facts such as who is in the family, how many, how old?  Have them write things they like to do together as a family.  You can also have them draw a picture of your family.

For this special family get together think of a dessert that can become the family’s special dessert or have everyone write down their ideas and take a vote.  Then head to the kitchen and get started, as a family.  Pass out assignments and work together as a team.

You can enjoy eating the dessert while playing a board game together.

Be sure to pray together and thank God for your family and if time permits, thank  God for special traits or gifts each member has.

When it is time to wrap up you can recap and ask members what their favorite parts were.  Also, it might be fun to bring it up the next morning.

I hope this might inspire you.  I can’t wait to get started.  I will need to figure out which night of the week to have it.  I want to keep it the same each week, I might aim for Friday or Saturday evening.  Enjoy!

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