Too Good To Pass Up

There is a place that I have frequented for years but haven’t truly reflected on the value of this place.  It is probably the best place in town to get your moneys worth, to stretch your dollar.  It is Mrs. Bairds Bread Store, or as it is better known as “the day old bread store”.

I stopped going there for awhile, only because we had moved further away from it. However, after getting stale bread from King Soopers bakery one too many times, I vowed to never buy bread there again.  I was so fed up with paying full price for bread only to have it taste stale and crumble, forget about making toast.

Back to Mrs. Baird’s I went.  With three boys it is essential to get the most for our money where groceries are concerned so why I waited so long to go back, I don’t know.  The prices are amazing and I have yet to get actual stale bread there.  Like I said I have bought stale bread more than once at King Soopers.  Also, at the bread store you get a punch card, once it is filled you get 2 free breads.  Another bonus, when you spend over $6.00 you get a free product (bread,bagels, muffins, buns).

My last trip there I spent $12.48 – here is what I bought:

1 – 2pk mini Boboli

5 loaves of Orowheat bread (Country White and Country Potato)

1 dozen – Entenmanns donuts

2 – 3pks – Entenmanns Cinnamon Rolls

1 dozen – Tia Rosa’s Tortillas

1 loaf of Orowheat Cinnamon Raisin bread

1 pk Bimbo Hot Dog Buns

1 pk Orowheat Hamburger Buns

Incredible deal, right?  One thing to note:  I used a punchcard for 2 loaves and received 1 loaf for free for spending over $6.  It is amazing though, if I bought all this at King Soopers I would have spent about 3x what I did.  I feel like I need to stress that this bread has never been stale or moldy – usually fresher than Kings.

I love the D.O.B.S.!

Mrs. Bairds bread store

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