Sweeter than most?

OliverIs it possible that some people can be sweeter than others?  In taste I mean.   Well, ok, let me explain.  I am kidding about taste but my poor sweet little Oliver is constantly the target of bees and spiders, every summer his lil body gets nasty bites and bumps.  I feel so sad for him, his brothers are completely left alone.

On Thursday he was playing on the playground when a bee flew up his shirt sleeve, became trapped and proceeded to sting my lil baby 3 times!

Friday night after his bath, I noticed a huge ruddy and red spot on his shoulder, it was about 4 inches in diameter with two bite marks right in the middle.  He said it hurt and then I remembered that he had a fever the prior evening.  We hopped online and couldn’t decipher what type of bite.  However, over and over we read that if it was a black widow or brown recluse to seek immediate medical attention.  So here we go, off to the ER at 10PM.

Good news!  Oliver was put on antibiotics and this morning, already it looks better.  The doctor said he has sensitive skin and it was a bad reaction to another type of spider, she didn’t think it was black widow or a brown recluse.  She found anouther bite on his ankle and it was becoming infected so she cleaned that one up to.

But why o why does Oliver become the target?  Is he sweeter than most?  I sure think he is.

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Cher says:

I have to agree with Grandma Linda… Ollie has the sweetest and most beautiful skin.

Linda C says:

We have always known that he has the sweetest skin! That’s why his name is butter! Love the picture.


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